Wonderful Whale Watching at White Pearl

As the year speeds to its close, we’ve one final milestone in the Mozambican beach experience to pass before we hit the New Year frenzy- and that’s whale watching season! The Ponto do Ouro beaches, and Mozambique in general, are one of the best destinations in the world to see these gentle giants at play in the water, and with the whale season stretching from the very first sightings in late June to the last pod making their way through by the end of October, it’s the perfect excuse for a soul-restoring beach vacation, pampered by the White Pearl Resorts family with a whale watching twist for added magic.

Why Do Whales Come Here?

While you can spot several types of whale in Mozambique waters, one of the most populous species is the Humpback whale. Humpbacks undertake one of the broadest migrations of any species on the planet, with many pods covering over 8000 km a year! The same pods passing through Ponto do Ouro, one of the most reliable places in Mozambique to spot whales, will be seen later in the year in Caribbean destinations like the Turks and Caicos. Others will head up the South Eastern African coast.

Why do they undertake this massive trek annually? For the same reasons many of us travel, too- a better life for family. Because they eat krill and plankton, cold Antarctic waters are the best place to load up on food, but they’re not great for new calves to take their first tentative swims alongside mom. So the pods travel between soothing warm waters to breed and play with their calves, and the food-rich waters that keep them healthy and fed.

This playful spirit means we see fantastic sites as they swim to and from their breeding grounds. From males breeching and acrobatically attracting the attention of the ladies, to the compelling keen of their haunting whalesong as they keep in touch with each other on the journey, it’s a heart-touching experience that defies description. And it’s all waiting for you at White Pearl Resorts.

The Elusive Whale Shark

True whales aren’t the only exciting encounters waiting in Mozambican waters, either. This is also one of the best spots in the world to see the whale shark. Averaging about 30 feet in length, these colossal sharks are actually harmless to humans. Often spotted on a snorkelling trip, they come in close to the shore to enjoy the small fish, shrimp, and plankton that comprise their diet. Who ever thought you could go snorkelling safely with a member of the shark family, right?

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to indulge in an ethical whale watching experience in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, then there’s nowhere quite like Ponto do Ouro beaches and the rejuvenating serenity of White Pearl Resorts. Restore your soul, relax your body, and experience a true once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet these fascinating marine mammals in their home habitats. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you!