Watch Whales Frolic and Play at White Pearl

Did you know that we’re in the full swing of whale watching season here at the White Pearl Resorts? This spectacular annual occurrence marks one of the most wondrous beach and boat sightings our guests can make, and it’s a key drawcard for many Mozambique resorts. From our gorgeous position on the beach, there’s no better place to watch this spectacular sight. What drives these gentle giants to trek thousands of kilometres across the globe annually, however? Let’s take a look at everything you should know about the annual whale migration that’s in full swing this month- and why a whale season visit should be on everyone’s bucket list.

World’s best whale watching

Eastern Africa is actually one of the very best destinations worldwide for whale watching. Here in Mozambique, we get entranced by both the Southern Right WhaleWhale Watching and Humpback Whale and their annual visits to our shores. You’ll see everything from males breaching in dazzling displays to calves at play alongside their mothers, but what brings them here?

Between June and December every year, whale populations are on the move along our shores. They’re heading from icy-cold polar waters that offer them a wealth of plankton to feast on, to the warmer, friendlier waters of the Indian Ocean, where they can mate and give birth to their babies. 

The most common migratory Whales seen in the warm Mozambique waters are the Southern right Whales and the Humpback Whales. Despite their massive size, they have thin whalebone ‘filters’ within their mouth, perfect to sieve tiny ocean creatures like krill and plankton from the salty water of the sea. These food stocks are affected by seasonal change, water temperature, and even depth, however. Nor do they thrive in the sorts of warm waters where it’s better to raise their young. 

Why do whales come close to shore?

What makes resorts in Mozambique so perfect for in-season whale watching. With miles and miles of open ocean, why do these magnificent creatures come so closeWhale Watching at White Pearl Resort to our shore?

It’s a unique combination of their preferred swimming depth, the local reefs, and the underground landscape which lies just offshore. The Mozambique Channel forces them to pass through the same section of water at this point in their journey, even though the individual pods and family groups will fan out and disperse in more open waters. This means you can see up to 30 whales passing each day at the peak of the season!

Alongside their dazzling displays- Humpback Whales are particularly acrobatic, leaping high out the water despite their enormous size- you’ll spot mothers teaching their calves the basics of breaching, blowing, and tail slapping, a heart-warming sight it’s difficult to resist. Threading through it all, you’ll hear their haunting whalesong, audible for hundreds of kilometres as they call out to family, friends, and rival pods. 

Experiencing the height of the whale migration brings you closer to these magnificent wild animals than it’s ever possible to do otherwise. It’s a guaranteed magical moment as you watch baby’s play and their mother’s gentle guidance. If you’re lucky, the boat may be able to get closer to them. Even watching from the beach, however, you will find yourself entranced. Restore your soul and rejuvenate your spirit in the presence of nature’s gentlest giants, and enjoy the very best of Mozambican beach living with a whale season visit to White Pearl Resorts.