Resorts in Mozambique

Best resorts in Mozambique

When is the Best Time to Visit Mozambique? Your Ultimate Guide Nestled on the southeastern coast of Africa, Mozambique has a gloriously sultry climate characterised by distinct wet and dry seasons. With the Indian Ocean right alongside us, we also feel the effects of the ITCZ, or Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, a shifting climatic band of low pressure that helps usher in the rainfall that supports the lush tropical paradise around us. However, this natural spectacle means you need to plan your visit to resorts in Mozambique around the weather you’d like to experience. Today, White Pearl Resorts brings you [...]

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White Pearl Resorts has an Easter with a Difference

White Pearl Resorts is proud to offer you one of the most spectacular kid-friendly Mozambique resort experiences. Easter is almost on us! A beautiful time of the year for families needs a holiday to match- with plenty to keep active young ones enraptured with the beauty of the outdoors, we even have a few treats for parents looking to unwind and relax in style, too. If you’re looking to make these Easter holidays one your family will remember forever, it’s time to hop on over and net yourself our spectacular Easter package-including a free night on us! Why an Active [...]

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Mozambique wedding venues

A Wedding at White Pearl: Love and Fun in the Mozambican Sun A wedding should leave you with magical memories of the day you said, “I do” and started a new life together. Imagine a wealth of moments seamlessly intertwined with the echoing, untouched dunes of one of the best beaches in the world, while dolphins play in the softly lapping azure seas. If you’re looking for one of the most unique destinations in the world to tie the knot, look no further than White Pearl resorts one of the best Mozambique wedding venues- we’re waiting to welcome you [...]

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