Welcome to Gorgeous Ponta Mamoli

The Lagoon Coast. One of Mozambique’s most outstanding natural areas, built of shining sand and rolling dunes that call your heart and spirit to play. White Pearl Resort nestles into this spectacular natural scenery, built from the beauty of Ponta Mamoli. In many senses, this is still a secluded and hidden part of Mozambique, which is part of its allure as one of the most pristine natural areas in the world. How much do you know about this unique destination, however? Today we take a closer look at White Pearl’s home, and why it will soon feel like your home, too!

Where is Ponta Mamoli?

The pristine natural coastline that hosts Ponta Mamoli beach lies just 100 km south of Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, and 25 km North of popular Kosi Bay, right on the South African border. Tucked into a sheltered bay of our own, we also have the remarkable Maputo Special Elephant Reserve lying to our West.

This means your White Pearl experience will be one of coastal bush, kept safe and warm by the eddies and currents of the Indian Ocean. It’s a true tropical paradise in the heart of Southern Africa, with sparkling clear waters and beckoning tropical landscapes. Plus, of course, our 2 km of pristine white sand beachfront! It’s been voted one of the Top 10 beaches in Africa, so you know it needs to be on your bucket list!

With a warm welcome waiting from locals, and a natural experience both pure and breathtaking, it’s beautiful year-round. It’s also one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet. The wider area transitions from beach to woody grassland, swamp forests to freshwater lakes, and ancient floodplains rich in reeds, papyrus, and bulrushes to dry savannas as you venture inland.

Is it Near Ponta do Ouro?

Yes, we are relatively close to Ponta do Ouro, lying about 17 km to the North. So you get all the benefits of this famous Mozambican locale, but none of the peak season hustle and bustle to detract you from the rest and relaxation you crave.

The Road to White Pearl Resort

Even getting to the resort is a rich experience for the soul and senses. Wind your way through striking panoramas and remote villages, whether you’re coming from Kosi Bay and South Africa for a 30-minute trip, or heading directly from the airport in Maputo, which should take around 90 minutes. You can even stop to enjoy some of the local markets!

Remember, this is an area where road conditions can vary, and weather affects the drive quite significantly, so don’t bring the urban rush with you! Instead, see it as the perfect way to slip into holiday mode and let the natural beauty woo you into relaxation. It’s always smart to use a 4×4 in this area for additional safety and convenience. Remember, we offer a transfer option from Maputo Airport if you’d rather not make the trip yourself, so you can just hop over to our kiosk there. We also have a road transfer service running from the Kosi Bay border for visitors from South Africa.

And there you have it! There’s plenty to see and experience in this exquisite corner of the world, and it couldn’t be easier to get to us. Whether you’re making your way solo, or want to hop on one of our convenient transfers for ease, the helpful White Pearl Resorts staff is looking forward to meeting you soon!