Adventure on the Reef at White Pearl Resorts

If you’re planning a summer filled with adventure, fun, surf, and sun, there’s no place better than the gorgeous Mozambican diving resorts around Ponto do Ouro. It’s a diver’s paradise, with crystal-clear water, sub-tropical reefs, and a wealth of spectacular animal life to explore. From diving with sharks to swimming with dolphins, a marine adventure like none other awaits you at White Pearl Resorts.

Diving with Sharks

White Pearl Resort makes the perfect home base for divers looking for a difference. With Pinnacles Reef close at hand, you have an exceptional chance to explore the teeming life that congregates in the area during the summer months- including spectacular numbers of bull sharks. There’s 19 identified shark species off the coast of Ponta do Ouro, many of which are classed as threatened species. One of the only shark species that loves freshwater, the Bull Shark, sometimes called the Zambezi Shark, is a fascinating and often misunderstood animal, a critical part of the food chain, and a fascinating encounter for divers looking to explore a raw marine environment just as nature intended. Let White Pearl Resorts help you experience a professional, safe, and world-class diving experience like no other.

Swim With Dolphins

A snorkelling trip to the spectacular reefs off the coast is a can’t-miss if you’re spending time at the resort hotels in Ponta Mamoli. And as always, White Pearl Resorts does it best! In the hands of our experienced and trained crew, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and absorb the natural wonders around you.

But there’s one thing that can make these exceptional experiences even more captivating- spotting the silvery flash of a bottlenose dolphin at play in the waters around you! These gentle mammals are curious and captivating, and love joining in on our snorkelling expeditions. The snorkelling waters around White Pearl Resorts are so picturesque it feels like being immersed in a natural aquarium, with sparkling tropical fish flitting around you and some of the most heart-stopping marine landscapes you’ll ever encounter.

Many experienced divers believe that ocean floor dives are dull- but they’ve yet to experience the magic of Mozambican waters. From the tiny sea pens, so critical to the health and vitality of these underwater landscapes, to conch snails, starfish, tiny camouflage shrimps only visible to the experienced eye, frogfish, scorpionfish and oh-so-much more, you’ll have an unparalleled chance to explore a vibrant, living environment untouched by man. An evening dive may even reveal softly glowing bioluminescent fish at play! 

Let the azure waters of the Indian ocean cradle you in their warmth as landscapes beyond imagination unroll before your eyes. Who knows, in the right season you may even spot Humpback Whale pods in the distance as they cross our waters, embarking on one of the longest migrations in the world in search of gentle waters to birth their babies. With the experienced experts from White Pearl Resort on-hand to ensure every diving experience is as magical as you deserve, you’ll be hard-pressed to tear yourself away from the beauty of these hidden underwater landscapes. So spoil yourself, and include one of our scintillating ocean safaris as part of your stay. The mysteries of the ocean floor await you!

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