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Explore The Wonders Of The Indian Ocean On An Exclusive Ocean Safari

Enjoy a snorkelling trip to a nearby reef and while you explore our crew will be on the lookout for pods of silvery, glistening Bottlenose Dolphins which regularly glide through these waters. Dolphins are known for their calming and therapeutic effects on humans. You will have the opportunity to experience this unique bond between humans and dolphins and form friendships that will stay with you forever.

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From July to November each year, the majestic Humpback whales visit us on their annual migration. Join us as we set sail in search of these beautiful creatures and observe them in their natural habitat. Whale watching is conducted from the comfort of our snorkelling boat as we observe the whales blowing, breaching, lob tailing and playing. In the later part of the season we may be lucky enough to encounter the newborns as they learn to breach and play.


​So rich in sea life are the waters of White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli that it feels as if you have been transported into a giant natural aquarium. Discover spectacular underwater displays of colourful corals and lively fish as you float in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.


Game Drives & Eco-Experiences

For the first time, travelers looking for a one-of-a-kind luxury African eco-experience can combine a Mozambican adventure with tropical beach and diving holiday and an exciting bush safari all in the same place and make the most out of their precious holiday time. Located just 100km south of Maputo, Maputo Special Reserve is one of 36 biodiversity hotspots identified worldwide.

Mozambique Adventure
Mozambique Adventure
Mozambique Adventure

On our Maputo Special Reserve Trip (± 5 hours), your Game Ranger at reception for early morning coffee & rusks to depart at 05h00. Set out for the Maputo Elephant Reserve, which forms part of the Lebombo Transfrontier Conservation Area. Here, you may see a variety of African antelope species, rich birdlife and possibly the rare black-backed jackal – and there is a great chance of seeing elephants, of course!  A light packed breakfast in enjoyed in the reserve, most usually overlooking Lake Hlunguti.

Guests can also join our Onsite Rangers on one of our other eco-experiences:

Lake Mamoli Guided Exploration Walk:

This trail is a sanctuary for over 433 butterfly species, 3 of which are endemic to Mozambique. Traditional local fishing methods using natural resources may be observed on this trail. A variety of different tree and scrub species that act as a habitat for various small species such as small reptiles, amphibians, birds and small mammals and even some inland marine crab species.

Guided Rocky Shore Experience:

This experience is for guests who are passionately curious about the little things in life and want to learn more about how animals have adapted to thrive in this constantly changing environment. The activity has a story telling component that engages mythology. Rock exploration footwear is provided at the activities centre.

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At White Pearl Resorts, the top priority of your executive retreat is to escape from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. The tranquil blue ocean, endless untouched beach and enchanting bush surroundings is the perfect backdrop for reflection, inspiration and rejuvenation.