It’s time to experience the beach safari of a lifetime with White Pearl resorts. As the leading luxury beach resort near Ponta do Ouro, we’re proud to be able to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to track critically endangered Leatherback turtles in the wild-and support conservation too!

Turtle Nesting Season

As we looked at in our last blog, between November and March annually, something truly magical happens at White Pearl. Nestled as we are on the pristine Ponta Mamoli coastline, we’re one of the only places in Africa that see the endangered Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles return to nest every year. It’s a time of year that represents the culmination of a journey that stretches over thousands of miles for the turtles- and brings a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our guests, too. 

Imagine sneaking through the cover of a beautiful beach night, stars twinkling above you, the low tide bringing you gorgeous vistas of the sea. Our experienced guide has all the knowledge you need. Slowly, you see the mother turtles emerge from the water, returning home to the beach that birthed them to nest in turn. With the turn of the season, tiny turtles will emerge from these nests, making a bold bid for the sea that often results in tragedy as predators circle to pick them off. It’s estimated as few as 4 of every 1000 turtles hatched make it to maturity. And yet, it’s humans, not beach predators, that remain the single biggest threat to these inspirational creatures.

And you have an outstanding chance to be part of this timeless miracle- and help ensure these special species survive for generations to come, too.

Lights Off, Miracles On

Our spectacular turtle safaris take place under the staggeringly gorgeous moonlight, as turtles are very light-sensitive. You’ll learn more about these magnificent, near-prehistoric beings, the dangers that dog them, and the conservation efforts we support. Your safaris also help directly contribute to warding off poachers’ attempts to steal eggs. 

We firmly believe that tourism, when handled with ethical conservation practices in mind, has a massive role to play in preserving the natural beauty around us. Magical Mozambique is the only place in Africa these exceptional turtles can be found, and it’s people like you who can help them flourish- all while experiencing one of the mesmerising beach experiences you’ll ever have.

Are you keen to experience one of our seasonal turtle walks? Your butler or the concierge team are always on hand to help you book and answer any questions you may have. Believe us, this is an experience no one should miss! And remember- if you spot a wild turtle anywhere during your time on the reserve, we ask guests to let us know, to make it easier to track their movements for our specialist conservation team. 

White Pearl Resorts is proud to have a hand in the preservation of one of nature’s miracles. Are you ready for the turtle safari experience? Turtle nesting season is limited, so it’s time to book now for one of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll ever have, guaranteed.