From July to November each year, the majestic Humpback whales visit us on their annual migration. Join us as we set sail in search of these beautiful creatures and observe them in their natural habitat. Whale watching is conducted from the comfort of our snorkeling boat as we observe the whales blowing, breaching, lob tailing and playing. In the later part of the season we may be lucky enough to encounter the new-born’s as they learn to breach and play.

Be part of one of nature’s most spectacular shows in 2024

While you can spot several types of whale in Mozambique waters, one of the most populous species is the Humpback whale. Humpbacks undertake one of the broadest migrations of any species on the planet, with many pods covering over 8000 km a year! The same pods passing through Ponto do Ouro, one of the most reliable places in Mozambique to spot whales, will be seen later in the year in Caribbean destinations like the Turks and Caicos. Others will head up the South Eastern African coast.

Did you know?

Why do they undertake this massive trek annually? For the same reasons many of us travel, too- a better life for family. Because they eat krill and plankton, cold Antarctic waters are the best place to load up on food, but they’re not great for new calves to take their first tentative swims alongside mom. So the pods travel between soothing warm waters to breed and play with their calves, and the food-rich waters that keep them healthy and fed.

An Experience Of A Lifetime

This playful spirit means we see fantastic sites as they swim to and from their breeding grounds. From males breeching and acrobatically attracting the attention of the ladies, to the compelling keen of their haunting whalesong as they keep in touch with each other on the journey, it’s a heart-touching experience that defies description. And it’s all waiting for you at White Pearl Resorts.

Book your stay at White Pearl between July and November to bear witness to the annual migration of the majestic Humpback whale:



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