White Pearl Resorts is proud to offer you one of the most spectacular kid-friendly Mozambique resort experiences. Easter is almost on us! A beautiful time of the year for families needs a holiday to match- with plenty to keep active young ones enraptured with the beauty of the outdoors, we even have a few treats for parents looking to unwind and relax in style, too. If you’re looking to make these Easter holidays one your family will remember forever, it’s time to hop on over and net yourself our spectacular Easter package-including a free night on us!

Why an Active Easter Vacation is the Very Best

If you’ve been told that travel and children don’t mix, think again!  Travelling with kids for the Easter Weekend is a great way to spend quality time together as a family at Mozambique’s premier accommodation, create lasting memories, and show your children new experiences and cultures. Beach hotels in Ponta Mamoli offer you the unique chance to expose your little ones to one of the most beautiful corners of the world, balancing fun and education in one seamless package that will have them laughing and playing the whole day through- and tuckered out in bed with sweet dreams quicker than you can imagine!

Easter provides a long weekend for families to spend quality time together away from the usual routine. Spending this time away from home, in a unique natural environment, creates a special bonding experience and provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen your family relationships. They also get an unparalleled chance to see how Mozambique celebrates Easter, as well as enjoy vibrant outdoor adventures, meet new people, and experience the world differently from home. It’s the perfect way to create new family traditions and build memories that your children will cherish for years to come.

The Skipper Club

Despite White Pearl’s reputation as a luxury beach resort like no other, there’s plenty to keep active little bodies and minds entertained with our Skipper Club program. Let them join our ‘Pirates of Ponta’ program, carefully overseen by our resort team, for plenty of educational, fun activities that will let them enjoy the natural beauty of the area and keep them entertained. From kayaking, bodyboarding, kite flying, and volleyball on the beach to shoreline fishing and even a cinema afternoon, it will be non-stop fun.

Our Marine Exploration and guided Rocky Shore Experiences will subtly teach them more about the spectacular biodiversity and unique world around them, all while having buckets of fun. We have a specially-tailored snorkelling program for older children, horse riding on the beach, and even two custom-created dive preparation programs for older and younger children to take their first steps in these exciting activities under a trained and experienced eye. In short, there’s constant fun that will keep them busy all day and leave them with sweet dreams and happy memories they’ll never forget.

Treat Yourself

With our experienced team keeping an eagle eye on your little ones, there will be plenty of time for you to relax and unwind, too. Why not take the chance to book a special package at the Amani Spa to indulge and pamper yourself? You’ve earned a break, after all!

Splurge on one of our signature journeys, or custom-tailor yourself a spa experience from our individual offerings. There’s even a few kid-centric packages you can book if you want the perfect mommy-daughter experience to add to the memory book!

Book a White Pearl Easter Weekend Now

Celebrate Easter in style with our book four, pay three Easter Weekend packages. Plus younger kids can stay for free! If you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to explore the exquisite surroundings of White Pearl and experience our renowned hospitality for yourself, there’s no better excuse. Bookings fill fast, so be sure to get your unique White Pearl experience finalised today.

White Pearl Resorts is waiting to welcome your whole family for an Easter like no other. We look forward to meeting you soon!