Best resorts in Mozambique abound, but in a country known for its honey-coloured beaches and tin-roof villages, where does the traveller in search of the best beach experience off the beaten track go? Where the barracas offer only the best local beer and the freshest just-caught fish, and the waves lap the shore untroubled by mundane worries? Mozambique has been called the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and sprawls over an almost 2500 km coastline packed with exquisite beaches.  Today the White Pearl Resorts team unpacks the 7 best secret beaches every travelling soul should enjoy.

1)  The Lagoon Coast and Ponta Mamoli

Squeezed between two gorgeous national parks and brushing the South African border, this entire area is very underpopulated. The views are beyond beautiful, and utterly unspoilt by human activity or bustling crowds. Rolling dunes occasionally part to reveal fisherman in quaint handcrafted boats, while turquoise waters glitter next to reed-filled floodplains. This is, of course, what earned the area the nickname ‘the lagoon coast’. Once an area for titanium mining, there’s now some luxury beach resorts near Ponta do Ouro like White Pearl Resorts, and nothing much else to spoil the experience. Our beach, of course, is fully private, guaranteeing your soul peace and tranquillity throughout your stay

1)  Guinjata Bay

A little off the typical tourist track, Guinjata Bay offers some fun cultural experiences alongside great beaches. There’s also the Manta Reef to explore, fresh seafood to enjoy, or try your hand at fishing yourself. Don’t forget to spend time on the beautiful beach, of course!

1)  Vilanculos

Vilanculos Bay nestles close to the Bazaruto Archipelago, meaning the waters benefit from the protected Marine National Park. It’s an easy beach to access, so it gets more traffic than the others on our list, but the local vibe and colourful culture are too fun to skip. The succulent food on offer, and excellent conditions for kitesurfing, make it a fantastic adventure destination, too. There’s a slim chance of spotting dugong in the area.

1)  Praia da Macaneta

For a beach in Maputo Province, Praia de Macaneta is surprisingly overlooked. This tiny island has a wonderful stretch of soft sand, and the fresh prawns are out of this world. The sea is a little intimidating for swimmers due to the waves, but those same waves make the area a surfer’s dream. You could even be the only one on the beach to enjoy it!

1)  The Benguerra Islands

The unblemished beauty of Bazaruto and Benguerra are legendary, and no visitor to the area should miss a chance to experience the pristine coral reefs that make this a marine paradise. Sight dolphins and whales as you sip cocktails in the sun, or fly fish from the beach itself. With this entire area protected by the marine conservancy, it’s a slice of paradise everyone should enjoy. Benguerra, specifically, offers kilometres of spotless beach to enjoy, and the weather is welcoming all year round.

1)  Inhaca Island

Despite the roofs of Maputo visible just across the bay, Inhaca feels like a place time forgot. Mangrove thickets fringe spectacular beaches, nestled in a ‘dune forest’ that feels near-prehistoric in its unspoilt romance.  Locals carry out their daily lives in this island paradise while spectacular birdlife flits overhead. In fact, this entire area is a can’t-miss for birdwatchers, too.

1)  Magaruque Island

Spoil yourself with an unforgettable beach experience on this private island. Snorkel, dive, or enjoy deep-sea fishing. Watch whale sharks and manta rays at play, and stand the best chance in the country of spotting the threatened dugong. Amp up the romance with a traditional dhow trip or spoil yourself at the island facilities. The beach offers the very best of rolling sand and palm-fringed beauty, and relaxation is the name of the game.

Mozambique is a country like no other. Wherever you turn, spectacular beaches, heart-stopping views, and pristine island paradise await. Why not experience some of the very best secret beach views in Mozambique, and call the White Pearl Resorts‘ breathtaking private beach your own today? Tucked behind Casuarina trees on the rolling lagoon coast, you will fall in love over and over again with nature at her most perfect.