Explore the Colours of White Pearl

We’ve heard more than one visitor to White Pearl call us one of the best beach resort in Mozambique. While the beauty of the southern Mozambique beaches is a major drawcard for the whole area, and even we can’t compete with the spectacular faces of Mother Nature, we’re proud to receive such gorgeous feedback from our happy clients. Custom created just for us by Fox Browne, White Pearl Resorts aim to bring the perfect blend of chic, Mediterranean beach club vibes with a unique African twist to the table. Here’s how we did it!

Inspired by the Ocean

With the very best beaches in the world lying on our doorstep, who wouldn’t be inspired? That’s why we sought to bring the exquisite essence of Mother Nature indoors, keeping the same calming seaside vibes throughout our decor and colours. Cradled by the surrounding lagoon, with its picture-perfect golden beach crying out for you to enjoy it, we wanted to create a backdrop that would linger in your memories forever- and look just as wonderful on your Instagram feed.

We know the beach will always win the beauty battle, so we wanted to make sure you could enjoy it. Don’t let your stay pass without spending some luxury me-time on the ivy-draped four-poster beds which line our deck, beckoning you to forget all your cares.

The Best Beach Resort in Mozambique

The last thing you want from your beach experience is to be reminded of the bustle of the outside world. With soothing blues and whites to whisk away your cares, we’ve done our best to blend seamlessly with the natural beauty around us. Little touches of local culture dot our decor, celebrating the vibrant Mozambican crafters who made them especially for us. Curvaceous glass mimics the lapping sea outside, and you’ll find plenty of other seaside touches along with sinuous, natural lines that will restore your soul and spirit. See if you can guess how many shark’s teeth motifs you find around the resort, all carved from soft and gentle local woods. 

Wash away your cares in our outdoor showers, surrounded by birdcalls and natural beauty, and enjoy the view from our lofty timber-deck rooms, your own oasis of care and contentment in the rolling dune landscapes around you.

Relaxation, beauty, and beach-chic vibes that will restore and rejuvenate. That’s the vision we had for White Pearl, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Knowing that you, our beloved guests, feel that very same vibe from the moment you walk up the shore to join us makes our hearts glad, so thank you for your kind feedback!

We could wax lyrical all day about the beauties around us- but it’s time you experienced them for yourself! If you haven’t yet met your new beach home for yourself, then it’s time to come play at White Pearl Resort your oasis of calm and care in one of the best beach resort in Mozambique.